RHTC, worldwide supplier of Profi Press hydraulic presses

About RHTC

RHTC is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the Profi Press hydraulic presses and other metalworking machines.

Please allow me to introduce myself and my company RHTC. My name is Rob Huberts and I am the founding director of RHTC. We are the proud manufacturer and supplier of high quality hydraulic presses (better known as the 'Profi Press'), punching machines (the 'Profi Punch') and profile bending machines (the 'Profi Bend'). We strive to deliver the best quality machinery that Europe can offer and that is why we produce our metal working machines in the Netherlands and Europe. 

We have a wide range of hydraulic presses, punching machines and profile bending machines to offer. 

You can find our program on this website: manual workshop presses, motorized workshop presses, broaching presses, portal presses with manually movable portal, portal presses with motorized movable portal, horizontal straightening and bending presses, cambering presses, C-frame presses, four column presses, production presses, hydraulic presses with fixed table, mechanic punching machines, hydraulic punching machines and profile bending machines. We are also a specialist in designing and producing custom-made hydraulic presses

Below are just a few reasons why our dealers and suppliers choose to cooperate with RHTC:

Our hydraulic presses, punching- and bending machines are reliable

At RHTC, quality is our main priority. Our machines are made by using advanced CNC machines and robots. A RHTC machine is durable, robust and reliable. That is the reason why we confidently provide our machines with a one or two-year guarantee. RHTC supplies a comprehensive manual concerning use and maintenance with all its machines and we never lose sight of safety aspects. All our hydraulic presses, punching machines and bending machines comply with the strictest statutory requirements and meet the latest safety and health European CE standards.

RHTC is in tune with your business

RHTC supports your business in every possible way. Does your customer require something special? Whether it is a case of adjusting dimensions, hydraulics or electrics, we will customize a Profi Press hydraulic press entirely to your customer's needs and we actively think along with you and your customer. 

RHTC realizes honest and agreeable business

When it comes to realizing good business, trust is what it is all about. RHTC confirms all orders in writing, always honours its agreements and we perform our business in accordance with the sanction legislation.

If you are looking for a supplier that knows the world, you should cooperate with RHTC: we have an extensive international network from which you can also benefit. If you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a meeting, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help!