30 Mar 18 15 year anniversary!

RHTC was founded on the 1st of April in 2003 by director Rob Huberts and this year your hydraulic press supplier has its 15th anniversary!

In 2003 RHTC started as a small company by selling hydraulic workshop presses (the Profi Press) which was and still is our main product. Back in those days Rob worked from his own home office and travelled all over the world to visit exhibitions and dealers. RHTC expanded its international dealer network very fast and sold its hydraulic workshop presses in many countries all over the world. In 2010 we moved into our new company premises in Schaijk, where our warehouse and head-office are still located. 


RHTC Company

At first our workshop presses were manufactured by our supplier in Poland. However since 2012 the production of our motorized workshop presses has moved from Poland to the Netherlands which made us much more flexible in the deliveries to our customers. Together with our factory in the Netherlands we have changed the design of our main product to improve its quality, usability and appearance. This improvement resulted in the high quality hydraulic motorized workshop press as it is now, completely with: integrated manometer, pressure regulation, in height adjustable worktable, movable cylinder, 2 speeds and a hand pump for precision pressing.
Over the last few years RHTC has grown as a supplier of hydraulic presses and we have expanded our program with broaching presses, portal presses, horizontal presses, cambering presses, C-frame presses, four column presses, production presses and custom-made hydraulic presses. All known under our brand name 'Profi Press' and made in the Netherlands as well as other European countries. Next to these high quality hydraulic presses, we also supply 'Profi Punch' punching machines (both mechanic and hydraulic) and 'Profi Bend' profile bending machines.


Team RHTC would like to thank all our business partners, dealers and customers for their trust in RHTC and their cooperation over the last 15 years. We hope that RHTC will stay your favourite hydraulic press supplier and that we will continue pleasant collaborations with all our esteemed business partners.