Hydraulic presses, punching machines and profile bending machines

Here you will find our program of hydraulic presses (including our well-known workshop presses), punching machines and profile bending machines. RHTC is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the Profi Press hydraulic presses, Profi Punch punching machines and Profi Bend profile bending machines.


RHTC supplies high quality, European made and CE compliance hydraulic presses, punching- and bending machines and they are available in all different kind of models:

Workshop presses (hand- and foot operated as well as the motorized workshop press), broaching presses, portal presses (with manually movable portal and with a motorized movable portal), horizontal bending / straightening presses, cambering presses, C-frame presses, 4 column presses, productionpresses, hydraulic presses with fixed table and we also manufacture custom-made hydraulic presses.  Next to these high quality hydraulic presses, we also supply Profi Punch mechanic punching machines and hydraulic punching machines as well as Profi Bend profile bending machines.


At this page you will find all information about our hydraulic presses, punching machines and profile bending machines of first class European quality.

Click on each model to discover specific technical data. Ask for a quotation for one of our hydraulic presses or other metalworking machines by clicking the orange button request quotation or download the leaflet of each model by clicking the blue button download leaflet. 

Manual Workshop Press

These hydraulic manual workshop presses can be operated by hand as well as by foot.

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Motorized Workshop Press

Motorized workshop presses for precise press work: made in the Netherlands.

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Broaching Press for linear broaching

This broaching press has a capacity of 15 ton and a piston stroke of 600 mm.

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Portal Press with manually movable portal

These portal presses are made in the Netherlands & equipped with a manual movable portal.

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Portal Press with motorized movable portal

These hydraulic portal presses are designed to straighten large sheets and structures.

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Hydraulic horizontal straightening press

This horizontal straightening press (HB-28) is designed for bending and straightening.

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Hydraulic horizontal cambering press

Our hydraulic cambering press is suitable for straightening & bending large bars & beams.

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Hydraulic C-frame Press

The hydraulic C-frame press is indicated to carry out stamping, punching and pressing.

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Hydraulic Four Column Press

Hydraulic Press with Four Columns: suitable for stamping, pressing, forming & die-cutting.

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Hydraulic Production Press

Hydraulic production presses especially designed for stamping, punching and pressing.

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Hydraulic Press with Fixed Table

This hydraulic press with fixed table is used to carry out stamping, folding & punching.

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Mechanic Punching Machine

The Profi Punch '10 is a punching machine with interchangeable punch tool & immobile die.

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Hydraulic Punching Machine

The Profi Punch '16 is an hydraulic punching machine; available with several punch tools.

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Profi Bend: Profile Bending Machines

The Profi Bend: your best choice for profile bending machines for bending profiles & pipes

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Custom Designed Hydraulic Presses

Special requirements for a hydraulic press? We can customize hydraulic presses entirely!

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