Hydraulic C-frame Press

Our C-frame press: designed for a wide range of press purposes / to incorporate in automated production lines. 

The Profi Press hydraulic C-frame presses are built with an electro welded structure made out of ST-52.3. steel and built with high quality components such as Siemens, LG, Casappa etcetera. Our C-frame press program includes three different models: a Cframe press with solely a lower table (CD-models), a Cframe press with a lower- and upper table (CM-models) and a Cframe press with a lower- and upper table including high speeds and digital Siemens NC-control (CF-models).

The tables of our Profi Press C-frame press are made out of CK-42 stainless steel and equipped with T-shaped grooves. These hydraulic presses incorporate a double acting cylinder (including anti-rotation) with a chrome plunger. The cylinder stroke is easy to adjust for precise pressing tasks. All C-frame models are provided with a two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with an automatic disconnection of the high speed and they contain a pressure regulator and manometer in tons. The control panel features a selector for manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation and a selector for the two different cylinder speeds (fast approach speed and slow working speed).

The Profi Press hydraulic C-frame press complies with the latest CE-regulations and works with a hydraulic pressure lower than 320 bar to guarantee a great durability of the presses. Our C-frame press is made in Europe and delivered with a warranty of 2 years. The standard C-frame models are available in different strengths, ranging from 25 TN to 150 TN, but we can build them according to special requirements or with several options such as a hydraulic cushion / ejector. 

high speed C-frame press