This custom-made press line is designed with 4 hydraulic workshop presses from Profi Press and especially indicated to carry out the forming of plastic material. 

This press line is equipped with supply rails, a heating section, a cooling section and a PLC-control to regulate the pressure, cycle-time and position of the piston. The molds are placed in the heating section (the first two presses) where they will be heated and formed with a constant pressure during 40 minutes. After these 40 minutes, the molds slide into the cooling section where the same process takes place with a low temperature.  

Exclusively made in the Netherlands. 

Technical specifications
  • Max. press force [kN]: 685
  • Max. pull force [kN]: 1,5
  • Max. pressure during building up the pressure [bar]: 180
  • Cylinderstroke [mm]: 380
  • Approach speed [mm/sec]: 10
Special Equipment