Hydraulic Press with Fixed Table

The hydraulic press with fixed table from Profi Press is designed to perform work involving punching, bending and straightening.

These hydraulic presses are equipped with a fixed bed / table in order to achieve a great strength and robustness. This type of hydraulic press for metal forming is available in different models:

  • FDM and FDV-models: equipped with a fixed headstock and these hydraulic presses can be installed with several heads on the same press.
  • FLM-models: equipped with a sliding headstock (lateral) equipped with a manual locking system.
  • FLV-models: equipped with a sliding headstock (lateral) operated by a wheel and a rack transmission system with a manual locking system.

All these Profi Press hydraulic presses are provided with a double acting cylinder with a chrome plunger and a removable and interchangeable hold-down plate to avoid deterioration of the plunger and machined at the end for tool adjustment. The cylinder is provided with an anti-turning system and the adjustable end-stroke switches allow us to easily regulate the cylinder stroke. The two-speed motorized hydraulic unit with automatic high speed deactivation is equipped with a cylinder decompression valve and a manometer in tons to read out the pressure. The control panel of this hydraulic press with fixed table features a selector for manual or semi-automatic operation and a selector for the two different cylinder speeds (fast approach speed and slower working speed). Operation is carried out by low voltage electrical pedals.

This hydraulic press with fixed table can be delivered with several options such as a hydraulic ejector, tools for punching or folding or the geometry adapted to your needs. These hydraulic presses are made in Europe, fulfil the latest CE-regulations and delivered with a warranty of two years. 

Hydraulic Press With Fixed Table Special Design

The image of the press above is a custom-made hydraulic press, it is used for pressing simultaneously on two workstations. The cylinders have a capacity of 220 ton each.