Hydraulic Punching Machine

Profi Punch '16

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The Profi Punch '16 is a hydraulic punching machine that can be delivered with several punch tools for a wide range of punching operations.

The hydraulic Profi Punch is designed for deforming material by means of punching and pressing material up to 4 mm thickness, depending on the punch tool and material. Our hydraulic punchmachine can be used as a punching machine as well as a C-frame press; the Profi Punch '16 is characterized by a durable and simple design for an easy operation. 

This hydraulic punching machine has an adjustable piston stroke up to 70 mm, a pressure regulator, a manometer and one can install punch tools directly onto the pressure plunger. Thanks to the interchangeable punching system, a wide range of punching operations can be done with one machine and several punch tools (standard or custom-made tools are available). 

The hydraulic punching machine is made in Europe with solely high quality components. If you are looking for a mechanic punching machine, you can find them in our program as well.


The Profi Punch '16 can be delivered directly from stock and can be equipped with several punch tools. This punchmachine has a warranty of 1 year and fulfils the latest CE-regulations. 

 Hydraulic Punching Machine

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