Portal Press with motorized movable portal

Our portal press with motorized movable portal is made in Europe and suitable for the straightening of large sheets and heavy structures.

The hydraulic portal presses are made out of ST-52.3 steel and equipped with a movable headstock (lateral) and a movable bridging frame (longitudinal):the movement of the headstock and the portal is motorized for an easy operation. The longitudinal displacement of the frame is carried out by a motor with frequency inverter and a cogged belt to ensureprecise and sensitive slides. 

These Profi Press straightening presses are equipped with a double acting cylinder with a chrome-plated piston and a removable and interchangeable hold-down plate (machined at the end to adapt tools). The cylinder stroke is easy to regulate with the stroke endings. The two-speed motorized hydraulic unit has an automatic disconnection of the high speed and contains a pressure regulator and manometer in tons.

Operation of these portal presses is by means of a pendant control station with emergency stop and operation confirmation button. The control panel at the right hand side of the portal press features a switch for selecting the desired type of work (manual or (semi-)automatic) and a switch for selecting the desired speed (fast approach speed or slower press speed).

These hydraulic portal presses can be delivered with several options such as a flat lower table, ejectors installed in the lower table (connected to a second hydraulic group) or the geometry adapted to your needs. Are you interested in a hydraulic press with a manually movable portal? Please find them here on our website as well!

Our portal press with motorized movable portal is delivered with a warranty of two years and these straightening presses are equipped with high quality components and fulfil the latest CE-regulations to guarantee the highest possible quality. 

portal press for straigthening