The 300 ton hydraulic portal press from RHTC is especially designed for straightening and pressing large structures and sheets. These portal presses have a movable frame and movable cylinder: the longitudinal displacement of the frame is carried out by a frequency inverter and cogged belt to ensure precise slides. The lateral movement of the cylinder / headstock is motorized.

This 300 ton model has a motor power of 7,5 kW and a piston stroke of 450 mm. The lower table is 2.545 x 4.000 mm and these portal presses are equipped with a two-speed motorized unit, a double acting cylinder and a pressure regulator. 

All our hydraulic portal presses meet and satisfy the essential health and safety requirements in accordance with the CE standards and have a warranty of two years on parts. When you require a different geometry of this press, please inform us. 


Technical specifications
  • Force [tn] 300
  • Motor power [kW] 7,5
  • Piston stroke [mm] 450
  • Maximum pressure [bar] 315
  • Approaching speed [mm/s] 10
  • Work speed [mm/s] 2
  • Return speed [mm/s] 16
  • Weight [kg] 16.000
  • Horizontal light [mm] [A] 2.560
  • Vertical light [mm] [B] 700
  • Headstock displacement [mm] [C] 2.000
  • Frame displacement [mm] [D] 3.000
  • Working height [mm] [E] 750
  • Total length [mm] [F] 4.360
  • Total width [mm] [G] 3.930
  • Total height [mm] [H] 3.100


  • Press bed of 4.000 x 2.540 x 95 mm.
  • 12 ejector cylinders installed in the press bed with a power of 2 tn each. 
  • Hold-down plate extension of the cylinder (250 mm). 
Special Equipment